Distributor Restoration

The distributor is dis-assembled and cleaned.

The vacuum advance diaphragm is tested. The mechanical advance is cleaned, lubricated and checked for smooth operation. New points are installed and adjusted to spec (gap). The distributor, primary circuits and points are tested for shorts and opens. The distributor is bench tested to ensure it will “spark” on the engine.

In most cases a new vacuum advance unit is available.
In cases of non-availability the vacuum advance diaphigram  can be replaced by specialist.


I restore Motel T Ford coil boxes to like new condition with new wood or plastic kits.

I test you Model T coils to ensure system works and produces a good continuous spark.

I can ship your Motel T coils to experts for additional service, if necessary.

For price quotes:
Please telephone or write Milt Webb at 8737 Lodestone Circle, Elk Grove CA, 95624.
916-685-4527 for price quotes on these services. See contact page.